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PAINT IN A BOX: Painting For One

Presented by: Bloomington Playwrights Project

Where: Virtual Show

General Admission: $USD 35.00


No showtimes available.


This event is part of the Bloomington Playwright’s Project 2020-21 Season. Call (812) 323-3020 to purchase a Season Pass and enjoy the full program of virtual and live entertainment.

It’s time for Andy and Laura’s Painting for Two – the BEST paint-by-numbers instructional show on public access WBPP! By signing up for this week’s show, you’ve received your canvas and paints in the mail, and you’ll be following along with Andy and Laura to make it a masterpiece in a night where wine and canvas meets live theatre. One small change: Laura isn’t here. She’s gone. But… Andy’s here, live… from the living room they once shared… and he’s ready to make this blank canvas into a stunning piece of art with YOU! Also, due to budget cuts, we may need him to host a few more shows throughout the evening… also the future of the station may be at stake. But… it’ll be fine, right? Yeah… yeah it’ll be… fine…

This is a virtual event. It is very important that ticket buyers give a valid email and shipping address upon purchase. You will receive a web address for the show from BPP within a week of the show. In order to receive the box content in time for the show we recommend purchasing tickets 5 business days before the event. Sales end 24 hours before the event.

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The Bloomington Playwrights Project (BPP) is the only professional theatre in Indiana dedicated solely to new plays. In operation for 35 years, the BPP serves both the Bloomington and national theatre communities by working with talented playwrights, actors, and artists to develop high-level productions for both local patrons and the many audiences attending subsequent productions of scripts that originated at the BPP. The Bloomington Playwrights Project is an advocate for playwrights and new plays, believing firmly that they are not only important but absolutely vital to the future of the art form.

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