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For Ticket Sellers


If you’re planning an event, you already have enough to worry about. Why not let the experts take care of the tickets? Regardless of where your event will be held or how large a crowd you expect, we can provide cost-effective ticketing with excellent customer service for you and your patrons. Your money stays in the community, and your event is seen by everyone who visits our website or our box office.

Your patrons will have the convenience of:

  • an online purchasing option with no convenience fees;
  • an in-person purchasing option in a prominent downtown location;
  • the ability to order over the phone with the help of the local BCT Box Office staff; and
  • access to friendly, knowledgeable staff who can answer questions about your event.

By letting us take care of your ticketing service, you can benefit from:

  • freeing yourself from printing and tracking tickets and handling payments;
  • the support of professional staff who are invested in the success of your event;
  • the convenience of printed tickets if you want to make in-person sales or give complimentary tickets to your sponsors or artists;
  • limited additional promotion of your event in the box office and via social media;
  • contact information for patrons purchasing tickets to your event to help you build an ongoing relationship with them; and
  • a single settlement check received within a few days of your event as payment for your ticket sales minus fees owed.

The Staff

The Audience Service Director be reached at the main box office number, 812.323.3020, or at boxoffice@buskirkchumley.org. In addition, audience director works with box office associates, who are often students. They are trained to provide excellent customer service to your patrons, leaving the managers free to work with you on your events. Feel free to drop in or call any time you have a question, idea, or concern and would like to chat with a manager. We are here to support you and to help your event be successful.  Please use us as a resource!

The Process

Our Ticket Sales Agreement (a MS Word document) includes more information on ticketing fees and the process. When you are ready to get started, complete the agreement and submit it to boxoffice@buskirkchumley.org. Within 72 hours (but usually much more quickly) we’ll send you a link to your ticketing page for use in promoting your event via email, social media, web, etc. In print, you’ll want to advertise that tickets are available at bctboxoffice.org, 812.323.3020, or 114 E. Kirkwood Avenue. Within three days after your event, you’ll receive a report on your ticket sales and patrons, and your settlement check if applicable.

Special Requests

Want to sell tables of eight in addition to individual tickets? Need to collect t-shirt sizes for all ticket holders? Want your tickets to go on sale at 2:22pm on February 22nd? Planning an early bird price and a day-of-show price in addition to your regular price? Want to skip paper tickets altogether? We can accommodate most special requests! Just chat with your friendly audience director about your needs.

Information for Your Patrons

Check out the information and policies we provide for ticket purchasers to learn more about the process from the patron’s point of view.